Friday 26 August 2016

Marvellous metallic wedding trend

Think every wedding is the same? Think again! What may surprise you about the world of weddings is that like fashion, each new season brings with it a whole new host of trends. Gone are the days of the cookie cutter weddings with more and more brides (and grooms) longing for something that little bit different for their wedding day, and we have to say… we’re delighted!

At Magpie Linens, while we may be involved in hundreds of weddings each year, we love the fact that each wedding breaks the mould and we’ll forgive you for thinking that if you’ve seen one wedding, you’ve seen them all.

So what trend has caught our eye this year? Marvellous metallics of course! Brides and grooms with sparkly personalities perfectly evoke this with lashings of sequins effortlessly placed throughout their wedding day.

Not only are weddings supposed to speak volumes about your personality, they should be fun, a fact which often gets lost during nights of planning, prep and pinning. As a couple, if you want to portray your fun side, sequins are perfect! And that’s where we at Magpie Linens come in. We’re masters when it comes to this much loved trend.

While sequins and sparkle may be popular (and showing no signs of leaving anytime soon), the good news is that with our extensivecollection, there are hundreds of versatile ways to inject a little sparkle. Whether you want to go all out or add just a hint, we’ve got it covered with our highly sought collection of tablecloths and runners.

 Metallics are extremely versatile, depending on how you want to incorporate them into your wedding day, and they effortlessly match any theme. They can be elegant, whimsical, ethereal or even natural. It’s simply all about how you use them. And you don’t just need to stick to gold either – our collection proves just that! When it comes to adding a touch of sparkle, you can introduce subdued tones of rose gold, blush pink or silver, or for pops of colour, opt for hot pinks, beautiful burgundy or ruby red for a true style statement.

Our collection lends itself to any season! For brides with a penchant for gothic touches, nothing other than a Halloween wedding theme will do and so our black sequin cloths are ideal, perfectly complemented with orange and white tones which instantly pop! Feeling festive? For weddings during the Christmas season, reds, whites and greens are always a winner.

It’s not all about blocks of colour either. With accent cloths adorned with chevron and vine prints, it’s easy to keep things distinctly different.

To nod to the roaring 1920’s Great Gatsby era, brides are opting for true opulence and so our collection of luxe sequin slips, sashes and ostrich feather chair covers are top of their list. These definitely add the wow factor to any wedding, leaving a lasting impression with guests. Again, various styles, colour choices and texture finishings keep things far from boring.

So if your wedding theme lends itself to the marvellous metallic trend, get in touch with Magpie Lines and allow us to add the perfect infusion of sparkle to your wedding day.