Monday 21 August 2017

Bride Interview: "Finding The Perfect Sequin Table Cloths For My Wedding

Photography by Tiree Dawson Photography

Holly & James Housby were married on the 22nd April 2017, in their local church in Cumbria where they live. The stunning New House Farm Barn in Lorton was the perfect setting for their gorgeous wedding reception. Holly contacted Magpie Linens ahead of her wedding day on a mission to find champagne sequin table cloths. Here, she shares details of her wedding and how we helped bring her wedding day vision to Holly, how did you find the wedding planning experience?

Holly, how did you find the wedding planning experience?

I had a two year long engagement so I had loads of time to get things sorted. I got all the major stuff like the venue and photographer secured straight away and then all the little details came at the end. I loved planning my wedding. The whole day just emulated myself and James - the day was very 'us'.

The only thing I'd say is that if you do it all yourself, then it's almost like when you make Christmas dinner for everyone and you can't fully enjoy it as you've already sweated over the hot stove. You love seeing everyone else eat it and enjoy it, but you've lost your taste buds a little. So my advice is try (even if you're a control freak like me) to give people jobs and share the planning. It's ok to leave a few things to others, then you can have surprises for yourself on the day.

Did you have a theme in mind for your wedding day?

No, not at all. We just fell in love with the venue. It's an old rustic barn, full of character and surrounded by nothing but the Lake District mountains. It was a very down-to-earth venue but filled with natural charm. So initially I thought a bohemian, relaxed, barn wedding, BUT I then found my dress which was a Sottero Midgley fishtail, dripping in crystals, pearls and baroque lace... not exactly 'relaxed barn'! However, it was then our theme was born... rustic glamour. All the finer things like a beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom, glamorous dress, Austin Roses, of course our champagne sequin table cloths, with mercury accessories and extravagant candelabras - but all of which had a rustic twist such as the bare stone barn walls, chivalry chairs and eucalyptus leaves.

Tell us what Magpie Linens finishing touches you incorporated into your wedding day.

I ordered the stunning champagne sequin table cloths form Magpie Linens and they 100% made the barn! Had we not had these then the barn would have looked too rustic, but as you walked into the reception and the tablecloths were dripping to the floor on all the tables, including the cake table, munchie bar and top table - it just looked so unbelievably stunning and opulent. They were a decoration in themselves, and they are the one thing that everyone commented on. Had we just had the standard ivory tablecloths, it definitely would't have been the same. They were just so gorgeous and twinkled as we walked in as man and wife.

How did you find the service?

Amazing and so simple. And also extremely cost effective. In all honestly I'd looked at other suppliers who were triple the price and I was a little worried as to whether the quality was going to be as good - and YES it was! The quality is amazing and the service is so simple. Just order what you need, they arrive at your chosen address, then send them back and receive your deposit back. It couldn't have been any easier.

What advice would you offer anyone currently planning their wedding? 

Try not to overthink things too much. I for worried about pleasing everyone and you just can't! Just do what will make it special for you and your future husband and everyone will have an amazing day as it'll be your day - the way it's meant to be.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Housby. It was a pleasure to help you bring your wedding day vision to life!