Monday 11 December 2017

6 great tips for choosing your wedding colours

When it comes to wedding planning, you’ll quickly realise that it includes a long list of decisions to be made. After the venue has been booked, you’ll need to turn your attention to choosing your wedding colours. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as just selecting your two favourite colours. But thankfully, we’ve put together our top tips to ensure choosing your wedding hues is a breeze!

1. Let your location guide you

Often a venue will guide your colour choices. Locations such as converted barns, lofts or marquees are usually blank slates and will work well with whatever combination you decide upon. Alternatively, hotels, guest houses or restaurants often have a colour scheme of their own so consider colours which will work well with what’s already there, rather than competing with it.

2. Remember your priorities

If there’s something that you just have to have for your wedding day, consider whether this will have an impact on your colour scheme. For instance, if you’ve dreamed of having your reception overflowing with purple orchids, use this as a starting point for your wedding colours, rather than trying to fit it in later.

3. Consider the seasons

While there’s no hard and fast rule that dictates you must choose certain colours depending on the time of year, the truth is that the seasons are the perfect inspiration for choosing your hues. Generally, colours which work particularly well for each season are:

Spring: For spring, it’s all about pastels. If you fancy changing it up a bit, add deep splashes of plum or coral for a touch of the unexpected.

Summer: Dare to go bold with pops of yellows, purples, reds or blues, or choose a shade variation such as coral, salmon or lemon.

Autumn: Autumn’s abundance of earthy colours such as burnt orange, sage and charcoal are perfect. Deep burgundy and purple shades also work particularly well.

Winter: All-white is always a winner, while metallics such as pewter, silver, copper, rose gold or bronze will add a touch of depth and luxury.

4. Set the tone

The colours you use for your wedding, really will set the mood for the day, so think about the vibes you want to exude. If you’re opting for loads of drama, say it through your choice of dark and moody, or jewel tone palettes. Think ruby reds, emeralds and golds, which would be better at setting the mood than say airy pastels and cream tones. If you’re opting for a relaxed setting, choose tones which will easily convey your message.

5. Consult the colour wheel

While picking colours isn’t a particularly tricky task, or one which requires an art degree, there are some basic rules to follow. As a general rule, colours which work in harmony are those which are opposites, because they combine a cool and warm hue. Think orange and sky blue, for example. Other combinations which typically work well together are those which are similar to each other and share a primary colour. Look to sunshine yellow and melon orange or fuchsia and blush for prime examples. An easy way to choose your colours is to pair a bright colour, with a neutral.

6. Go with your heart

While we said choosing your wedding colours isn’t as easy as just going with your two favourites, you definitely should let your heart guide your decision. Look to the colour choices you made in your home. Is there a particular combination that you love, and which would work well for your wedding? When you open bridal magazines or turn to Pinterest for #inspo, which colours are you naturally drawn to?

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