Monday 19 December 2016

2017 wedding trends

While we've had a fantastic year at Magpie Linens, spreading tonnes of sparkle to weddings around the world, we have to admit we're a little bit excited about what next year has in store. Although trends in the world of weddings don't drastically change from year to year, the fact that brides are daring to go bold or go home has seen a rise in new trends. If you're a couple who is looking to add oodles of personality to your wedding day, this blog post is for you!

Here, we take a look at the wedding trends for 2017, which are topping the bridal charts. 

Not so boring bridesmaids

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Gone are the days of bridesmaids blending into the background for fear of outshining the bride (which they could never do anyway). This year brides are decking their gals out in dresses with a difference. Yes, while their silhouettes may be traditional, brides are daring to mix and match styles and colour options to give their bridal party a distinctly different look, and we love it! And for those brides who prefer perfect coordination, you can easily nod to the trend without swaying too far from tradition. Simply opt for different headpieces for each of your ladies, or why not mix it up with different bouquets?! These subtle touches are sure to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Enchantedly embellished brides 

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And of course, with brides upping the ante for their bridesmaids, they're taking their own dresses to the next level. Fairy tale inspiration has never been more fitting. Expect to see brides showcasing a multitude of necklines (bye bye strapless), with everything from deep V necklines to cape tops and even long sleeves on display. And while the tables may be adorned with flowers, expect to see perfectly pretty floral displays on brides' dresses with a multitude of floral appliques and embroidery being taken to the next level.  

Marvellous metallics

One of our favourite trends (obviously) is the infusion of metallics into weddings. 2017 will bring with it the welcome arrival of the chicest combination of classic whites and modern metallics, effortlessly topping the colour charts. While gorgeous golds and shiny silvers will forever remain popular choices, this year we're seeing a shift towards softer, brushed metallics, which really pop against those white accents. The duo offers a partnership between contemporary and city, bringing industrial modernity to the forefront for a fashionably classy look. And of course, if you want to add a touch of metallic or sparkle to your day, check out our selection, available to purchase or hire here.

Green goddesses

Next year will see the spotlight shed on the great outdoors being brought inside. Brides are paying homage to the wonders of nature by choosing simple arrangements of leaves, branches and palms, with an infusion of greenery for minimalist vibes. As well as being budget friendly, brides are bang on trend and incorporating it throughout their entire wedding day. Not only is greenery taking centre stage in ceremony backdrops, we're seeing it on reception tables and also the wedding bouquets. And we were surprised to learn just how many different options there are. With greenery and foliage available in a multitude of beautiful shades, textures and shapes, the options to get creative are endless. Turn heads with a dramatic cascading bouquet or play up to the romantic and whimsical take on the trend with a simple all-foliage posy.

Pretty paper

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While it might be the marker of your first wedding anniversary, 2017 brings with it endless options when it comes to paper on your wedding day. Ranging from economical, eco friendly and unique, brides are incorporating paper in their wedding day decor for different reasons. From floral bouquets to dreamy decor, the theme is growing in popularity and is set to be huge next year. There are so many creative and fun ways to take on this trend and we can't wait to see the impact it has.

So there you have it! 2017 is set to be a spectacular year for the world of weddings. From dreamy dresses to fantastic finishing touches, we're sure you'll surprise us with your wonderful offerings. 

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